Heritage Fairs

LDAG has hosted several heritage fairs that provided opportunities to try different approaches to promoting heritage events. We encourage local libraries and community-based organizations to host heritage activities that provide learning opportunities, hands-on use of technology, preservation, and sharing of digital artifacts. To promote this effort we developed a Latino Digital Heritage Kit that includes videos and resource materials. The purpose of this kit is to assist local libraries and community-based organizations to engage community members in preserving and sharing cultural heritage materials. We encourage community-based organizations to partner with libraries in this effort.

One national effort was the American Library Association program named Latino Americans: 500 years of history .

Possible Topics or Activities

Preserving photographs
Oral history projects
Preserving music
Preserving videos
Documenting your family history
Documenting your neighborhood history
Making heritage available
Creation of a new collection for host institutions

Recommended Heritage Fair Requirements

  • Ability to recruit between 15-20 residents as participants
  • Staffing
  • Appropriate location
  • Broadband
  • Public Computer workstations
  • Equipment
    • Scanners
    • Video camera
    • Overhead projector
  • Participation in web conference training
  • Outreach to community
    • Local community and faith-based organizations
    • Local press
    • PSA’s on local stations and community channels