El Chullo

El Chullo Restaurant and Bar is located on 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.
Cultural Narrative: 

Located on 7th Street and Virginia Avenue, which is home to a variety of businesses, El Chullo restaurant serves Peruvian cuisine. 

Owner Esperanza was inspired by her older brother, who was studying hospitality and her mother, who was a hairstylist at the time. They opened their restaurant on January 3, 2014. The opening was well-received by the community, and the restaurant quickly rose in popularity as word of their food quickly circulated. Esperanza attributes the success of the restaurant to the restaurant's ambiance and friendly service. 

The name of the restaurant was created collectively by Esperanza's family, who wanted a unique name to set their restaurant apart. "Chullo" refers to an Andean style of hat with earflaps. Take the full Historypin here