Banzai Burrito

Nestled in the heart of the Yokota Air Base, Banzai Burrito is a Mexican food establishment whose mission is to bring a taste of home to Tokyo.
Cultural Narrative: 

Banzai is located in the heart of a residential subdivision in East Yokota. It is situated between a Japanese antique shop to the South, and a cleaners to the North. The restaurant seats 40 guests, with additional seating in a private area for birthday parties and the like.  Banzai Burrito is a line operation. Whether it is a taco, a burrito, or anything in between, your food has been prepped around 30min to an hour before you arrive.

An interesting side of Banzai is that it provides its customer with Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) service. Any issues, questions, comments, or suggestions, are handled through ICE: online, and anonymously.

Location Description: 

Yokota Air Base in Fussa, Tokyo.