Benny's Mexican Food

Historypin tour of Benny's Mexican Food. Opened in 2016, Benny's is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves fresh and traditional dishes from various regions of Mexico to the city of Tucson.
Cultural Narrative: 

Donovan's narrative as related through the historypin tour:

I called ahead of time to speak with Irma, the owner of the restaurant, as I walked in there were a few individuals at different tables and did not make it so quiet inside. I was telling Irma, that during road construction along Tucson Blvd, I had to take a detour on my bicycle. As I rode around trying to find a new route to go, I stumbled across Benny's. From the window if you can view it just right, you can see the Tucson Mountains and the varous Tucson neighborhoods too. The walls do not have much decoration, just paint that matches the aesthetic of the branding and logo of the restaurant. One bit of vibrant colors comes from the display which had soft drinks from Mexico, and delicious desserts as well. Parking is available and in the back of the restaurant. They have a ringer that goes when customers come from the back. Irma mentioned what foods on the menu really stood out to her, she pointed out that gorditas (taco bell has nothing on this one), and sopes were some of her favorite. The rice and beans were very tasty too. Gordita is up top, and the sopes is to the left. I really liked this bit that Irma was talking about how certain tastes can really take people back to where they come from or touch them in an emotional sense. Benny's is a quiet restaurant to say the least, they are well hidden, but are in a location that is starting to add more restaurants near the intersections of Tucson Blvd and Grant Road.