Boca Taco y Tequila

Maria Mazon is both a chef and the owner of Boca Tacos y Tequila. Originally from Tucson, Arizona but raised in Sonora, Mexico, Maria hopes to take her customers to Sonora through serving her unique dishes.
Cultural Narrative: 

Chef and restaurant owner Maria Mazon is originally from Tucson, Arizona. She was raised in Sonora, Mexico where she learned to cook and make fresh authentic Sonoran style Mexican food. Her salsas are prepared fresh daily and she enjoys experimenting with different ingredients such as mango, mint, chocolate, and many others. Chef Maria did not originally plan to open up her own food establishment, but it was something that fell into her lap. She enjoys her job because she gets to share Mexican food with Tucson locals and her favorite thing about owning a food establishment is the satisfaction of seeing customers enjoy their food. Chef Maria believes that food plays a role in a community by bringing people together to eat and shows a community what you can do creatively with food. Finally, BOCA Tacos y Tequila is involved in many community events, where they donate food and give people exposure to the restaurant by catering events.

You can view the tour of the restaurant at this link:,-110.965776,11/bounds/31.986007,-111.123635,32.470437,-110.807917/paging/1/pin/1121425