BOCA Tacos y Tequila

Serving gourmet Mexican tacos and original salsas, BOCA is located in the heart of Tucson and was featured on the Food Network, the New York Times, and the Travel Channel.
Cultural Narrative: 

Maria Mazon was born in Tucson, Arizona but was raised in Sonora, Mexico and hopes to introduce her customers to the flavors and ingredients of Sonora. She uses only fresh ingredients her tacos and salsas. 

Her tortillas are made with corn or flour and she does not use fried shells. Her tacos often include cabbage, guacamole, limes, pickled onions, and different salsas that use ingredients like mango, mint, and chile. Her salsas are prepared daily. 

BOCA is involved in many community events, donating food and offering catering for events.