Del Yaqui and San Diego Bay Restaurants

The Del Yaqui Restaurant and San Diego Bay Restaurant have been serving the most authentic Mexican foods in the Phoenix/Tempe/Guadalupe area of Arizona for more than 25 years.

9201 S. Avenida del Yaqui, Guadalupe, AZ 85283

Cultural Narrative: 

Lupita Llamas Martinez and her dozen restaurant employees work hard to bring fresh authentic Sonoran-style seafood cuisine and hometown comfort food to local residents, city cuisine enthusiasts, out of town visitors, and tourists. Estimating that 84% of her customers are American, Lupita counts many snowbirds among her loyal customers. Her two restaurants are open 7 days per week serving fresh Mexican food to individuals, families and parties up to 10. These restaurants have higher numbers of diners during special cultural and artistic events in the Mercado courtyard, community events scheduled monthly, and traditional Yaqui festivals scheduled throughout the year. Del Yaqui opens at 7 a.m. and San Diego Bay opens at 11 a.m.