Digital Cultural Heritage Kit


Welcome to the Digital Cultural Heritage Kit

The Latino Digital Archive Group supports the establishment of a Latino digital archive that would have as its goal the digital preservation of all aspects of U.S. Latino history and culture. Toward that goal we encourage local libraries and community-based organizations to host heritage activities that provide learning opportunities, hands-on use of technology, preservation, and sharing of digital artifacts. The purpose of this kit is to assist local libraries and community-based organizations to engage community members in preserving and sharing cultural heritage materials. We encourage community-based organizations to partner with libraries in this effort.

Learning objectives

  • Learn to find, organize, preserve, describe, and digitally share Latino culture and history
  •  Document personal, interpersonal, and institutional relations
  •  Contribute to local, regional, and national history in the United States
  •  Use social media to share cultural heritage

Possible activities

  • Documenting your family history
  • Documenting your neighborhood history
  • Oral history projects
  • Preserving music
  • Preserving photographs
  • Preserving videos
  • Sharing your cultural heritage 
  • Storytelling


The kit consists of videos, a description/identification worksheet, a sample permission worksheet, a sample deed, and a list of vendors where both institutions and individuals can purchase archival supplies.  The sample worksheets are provided in English and Spanish and can be customized with the logo of your institution.
Brief introductory videos explore the following topics: 


Suggested staffing, equipment, outreach

  • One staff person per every five participants
  • Accessible friendly location
  • Accessible broadband
  • Public computer workstations
  • Equipment, Scanner, Overhead projector
  • Outreach to community
  • Local community and faith-based organizations 
  • Local press
  • PSAs on local stations and community channels

We encourage all interested non-profits and individuals to use these resources. For-profit entities must obtain a license before sharing them with their employees and/or clientele.

We hope the Digital Cultural Heritage Kit will encourage you to contribute to the documentation of Latino history and culture.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND