El Bravo Mexican Food

Family-owned restaurant since 1982 in Central Phoenix (Sunnyslope Village).

8338 N. 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Cultural Narrative: 

‘Grandma’ (the original proprietress, Carmen Tafoya) is now 87, but when she was running El Bravo she encouraged her children and grandchildren to work there. If they needed money for school, sports, or anything else, she would happily give it—so long as they paid off the debt by working at El Bravo. 

El Bravo is involved in the Sunnyslope Village Alliance and partakes in farmer’s markets and walks for various causes. They are also very much involved at Most Holy Trinity. El Bravo is open every day—except Sunday. They don’t have televisions or music, so conversations are the go-to. I never see people with their phones out here, even with the younger crowd that comes in. It is almost as if it is an unspoken rule: converse! (In person!)