El Guero Canelo

A local favorite, El Guero Canelo is famous for its Mexican food. The restaurant also received a James Beard award in 2018.

Pictured is the exterior of El Guero Canelo restaurant and owner Daniel Contreras with one of his James Beard Award-winning Sonoran hot dogs. 

Cultural Narrative: 

Daniel Contreras, owner of El Guero Canelo, started out operating a food stand that opened on October 20, 1993 at 4:00PM and made 240 dollars on the first day. His business started on the south side of Tucson and after friends and family encouraged Daniel to expand, Daniel opened his first restaurant in south Tucson. Daniel now owns four restaurant locations, a meat market, and a bakery/tortilla factory. Daniel was born in Magdalena, Sonora in 1961. Wanting to maintain a connection to his roots, Daniel keeps a tractor (pictured below) just outside of the restaurant entrance, to remind him and his customers of the work involved to create the food we eat.