El Huarachito

This little Mexican restaurant is found in the heart of Lincoln Heights. Lincoln Heights is considered to be the oldest neighborhood outside of Downtown Los Angeles proper, dating to the 1830s.
Cultural Narrative: 

I was able to meet with the owner and get a background story on how she was able to start the business. She had been working in downtown when one day she was told that she would be losing her job. She always loved to cook. She had learned from her mother and grandmother all the secrets of traditional Mexican Food. Her dream was to always own her own business. She talked to her husband and they would take the gamble in their local community. She was only able to afford one side of the restaurant. She mentioned she only had four tables. They worked hard to make their dream a success. After a couple of years she was able to rent the other side of the restaurant to expand her business. Her husband and son work with her daily. Her mornings start at am to meet with the vegetable and meat vendors. They start prepping and making the salsas. She said that weekends are especially busy for her but she loves it. She has her regulars who typically go once or twice a week. Her lunch crowd is starting to expand. I was extremely surprised to go at lunch and see the full house. I asked that why does she close so early she can probably make more money. The owner closes at 5pm so she can spend time with her family. She participates in the local church fiesta at Sacred Heart. Her children attended Sacred Heart and wants to give back.

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Location Description: 

3010 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031