Guapo's Restaurant

This is a historypin tour of Guapo's Restaurant in Woodbridge, VA. It is one location of several owned by the same family in the Woodbridge area.
Cultural Narrative: 

This narrative was created by Matt McCleland in his original historypin digital tour of Guapo's Restaurant:

"We believe a great dining experience begins with family. At our restaurants, we combine great atmosphere with friendly staff and quality food. We hope the efforts of our family-owned business reflect in the experience our guests have and make you feel right at home and part of our family."
-from the front page of the Guapo's Restaurant website

Guapo’s Restaurant is located at 14418 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA. 22192, and is nestled right in between Smoketown Road and the Potomac Mills Outlet Mall. Guapo’s is one of 8 (with another on the way) locations in the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area. The Rincon family, who brought their business to the area in the 1970’s, owns the franchise. The different franchises are maintained and operated by Rincon family members.

“Guapo’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant owned by the Rincon family, specializes in Texan food with a Mexican flare. There are a total of nine restaurants, all located in the DC metro area. Junior Raul Rincon is the son of the owners, and he supports his family’s business by working as a host in several locations. He is currently training to be a manager at the Manassas restaurant. Guapo’s has affected Rincon’s life in positive ways as it has given him a place to work which he feels teaches him responsibility. He also has gained friendships with both his co-workers and customers. He is dedicated to Guapo’s and hopes to continue his family’s work because of his passion toward the different aspects of the busines10
“It’s basically already set up for me,” Rincon said. “It’s something I know my family has put a lot of work into so I would like to continue what they have done.””-

The restaurant is a free-standing building with an outdoor patio and attached parking lot. On the day that I visited, the patio was closed for dining. Upon entering the restaurant, I was struck by how bright, friendly and inviting it seemed. There is no employee to greet you or lead you to a table. It’s set up like a fast-food restaurant, where the patron goes to the counter, looks at the menu, orders their food, and then choose their own table. Despite all of the great looking items on the menu, I ordered the nachos. This was based on a recommendation that I had read. Honestly, I think that anything I ordered would have been good. When standing at the counter, to my right was the chicken rotisserie. Dozens of chickens rotated over an open fire. I have a feeling that my next visit’s meal will come from there.

I was given my complimentary chips and salsa, a drink, and the table flag. This is so the employees know which meal goes to which table. The dining area of Guapo’s is also bright and friendly. The walls are bright yellow with blue trim and are covered with different artwork and artifacts. They all have a Latin flair and make sense within the restaurant. Mariachi style music is playing throughout and soccer (futbol) is playing on the different flat screen televisions located around the dining room. This restaurant doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. It is a comfortable place to eat, where you can know that you will have a great meal in a cheerful atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit to Guapo's Restaurant.

Location Description: 

14418 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA. 22192