La Chinita Mexican Resaurant

A family owned establishment in Wichita, Kansas

1451 N. Broadway St, Wichita, Kansas 67214

Cultural Narrative: 

La Chinita is located quite near the El Pueblo neighborhood of Wichita, which is a Latino neighborhood. There are several other Mexican restaurants along Broadway, along with several Latino, and Asian markets. This culturally diverse neighborhood is a wonderful location for a family owned establishment. During my conversation with Eduardo Sebastian, he said that about 90% of his customers are regulars, families that have been coming in for many years.

Traditional Knowledge: 

On November 24, 2017, the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I took a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, La Chinita. We enjoyed lunch, and I had a conversation with the current owner, Eduardo Sebastian. The restaurant was started in 1976 by Marta Norton, who had worked as a waitress at the same location when it was a different establishment. One of my first questions was about the name. I had heard that La Chinita meant "the Chinese girl", but that never made sense in context. Mr. Sebastian explained it was Marta Norton's family nickname, and was an affectionate term for "the girl with the curly hair." It was really wonderful to get a look into the history of this establishment my family has been going to for so long.