La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen

This is a historypin tour of La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen in Gilbert, AZ.
Cultural Narrative: 

This narrative was created by Jessica Salow as part of her original 2017 historypin tour:

A hidden gem in Gilbert, AZ La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen features some classic and not so classic New Mexican style dishes that keep true to the roots of its New Mexican inspirations. When looking for the inspiration for this restaurant you do not have to look any further then its name La Ristra. Ristra [ree-struh] a string of dried chilies, garlic, or other foodstuffs gives customers an understanding of what makes La Ristra a truly authentic New Mexican restaurant. Because Hatch chiles can be found in many of the dishes served at La Ristra as well as along the walls of the establishment a sense of New Mexican inspiration can be seen every where you look. Along with a well stocked tequila bar featuring over 150 brands La Ristra takes pride in bringing authentic New Mexican dishes to the neighorhoods it serves.

Because La Ristra is located within a plaza that includes many businesses including medical offices it can be difficult to locate. Here is an example of the area where La Ristra is located and how unique the location is in regards to a business like this. John Gabaldon, who along with his father are the owners of La Ristra. John's extended family’s history in the food business goes back a number of years as his Aunt is the owner of Los dos Molinos with several locations throughout Phoenix and Mesa with his business partner/father having run the Mesa location for the last 15 years. Two of the glass cases contain the engraved sipping glasses of people who have joined the tequila bar membership. These cases display the enthusiastic response La Ristra has when it comes to the tequila bar membership.This is the tequila bar at La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen. Here is where you can sample 150 different tequilas offered at La Ristra. If you complete the challenge of sampling all 150 available you receive acknowledgement of the feat by having your name engraved on a plaque that is hung up in the bar area.Here is the additional overflow seating that is available in the dining area of La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen. As you can see from this picture the ristra plays a large part of the identity of the restaurant and that was intentional according to John Gabaldon, owner of La Ristra. As you can see their House Specialties feature a wide selection of New Mexican dishes. If you look towards the bottom of the menu La Ristra offers a helpful guide of "Terms to Know" to help their customers understand the different cooking styles of the food offerings at La Ristra.

Location Description: 

638 E Warner Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296