My Taco Authentic Mexican Grill and Catering

My Taco is a beloved Mexican restaurant in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Cultural Narrative: 

Situated in a small shopping center in a working class neighborhood, My Taco contributes to the community by feeding our houseless neighbors regularly.  My Taco offers a wide array of of homemade dishes. From traditional items such as lamb tacos and consume de chivo, which is a recipe that was passed down by Jorge's father, who was a cook in Mexicali. 

Come one, come all. My Taco attracts a diverse crowd from all walks of life. The neighborhood of Highland Park has changed over the years but My Taco remains a local favorite spot for breakfast and late night alike.  My Taco proudly displays some of the famous customers they have served, such as Black Eyed Peas members Taboo and, Mana's Sergio Vallin and professional soccer player Cuahtemoc Blanco. My Taco offers a variety of fresh, natural waters to quench customer's thirst including: horchate, tamarindo, jamaica and a always revolving water of the day.