Ole' Mexican Grill

This is a historypin tour of Ole Mexican Grill in Tucson, AZ. Ole' Mexican Grill is a family-owned restaurant in Tucson, AZ that serves Sonoran style Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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This narrative was created by kellivannuys in the orignal historypin tour created Summer 2018:

Ole' Mexican Grill is a family-owned restaurant in Tucson, AZ that serves Sonoran-style Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They will be open for 16 years, as of October 2018. This beautifully decorated restaurant won the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Mexican Food, and won the 2014 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Salsa. It is a local favorite in Tucson, AZ, and one that makes tourists fall in love with the city. Ernest Aguirre, the owner of the restaurant, spent his whole life working in restaurants, hoping to one day open his own. Ole’ Mexican Grill is the first restaurant he has owned – and his first time working in a Mexican restaurant. Aguirre draws inspiration from Sonoran-style cooking for all items on his menu, and says that using old methods, such as cooking the chili and enchiladas in chili pots, it what makes the food so unique. Aguirre takes a lot of pride in owning his restaurant, and makes sure he is present and working hard every day. He is dedicated to his employees and makes sure he knows all of their personal motivations – he also notices the ones who are on top of the restaurant and help everything run as smoothly as possible. He states that restaurant’s fail when owners believe their hard work is done and they can let the restaurant be run by the employees. Aguirre thinks that aspiring restaurant owners should know that it is hard work, with a lot of hours and complete dedication.

Aguirre’s goals for the future of his restaurant is to win the Reader’s Choice Best Mexican Food and Best Salsa every year. He also says that what makes his restaurant special is that everyone in the community participates, and they receive lots of compliments on the food (which can be viewed on the Ole’ Mexican Grill website).
Anyone who is looking for unique Sonoran-style Mexican food should definitely add Ole’ Mexican Grill to their bucket list!

There is lots of colors, art, and decorative plates that add to the atmosphere. The bar is separated from the restaurant with beautiful windows and colorful lighting.The bar area inside the restaurant offers a wide range of drinks to choose from, with ambient lighting to set the mood. The restaurant offers a colorful wall to break the seating area into sections that allow more privacy and a quieter atmosphere. A large mural intricately designed like a small city with Spanish names for each of the buildings decorates the back wall. Western doors add privacy to the bathrooms, which is surrounded by artwork that draws inspiration from Dia de los Muertos. Shades on the windows allow the restaurant to keep cool during the hot summers, and makes the restaurant feel like it's own world. The outdoor seating area has plenty of tables that offer shade, with a nice patio decorated with a fence and plants.

Ole' Mexican Grill has been featured in several newspapers around Tucson. They won Best Mexican Food in 2017 and Best Salsa in 2014. The restaurant offers an amazing breakfast menu with lots of options for everyone. The appetizer menu and the House Specials include many restaurant favorites, and advertises that Ole' Mexican Grill offers catering. The lunch menu features a variety of Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine classics, with a twist that only Ole' Mexican Grill can provide. The restaurant also offers a variety of dinner options and salads, allowing everyone to find something they will love. Ole' Mexican Grill also has sandwiches, soups, desserts, and a variety of beverages. The Carne Seca Burrito is an employee and customer favorite at Ole' Mexican Grill!



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2080 W Orange Grove Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704