Paiche is a Peruvian, vegan restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Below are the pertinent details. Paiche 4237 SW Corbett Ave. Portland, OR 97239

Paiche opened in September 2015 as a Peruvian restaurant that served seafood. In June 2017, Chef Jose Luis de Cossio stopped eating meat, so he transitioned Paiche to be an all vegan restaurant. Paiche is an intentionally small restaurant that is only open Friday through Sunday 11am through 3pm. 
Chef de Cossio moved to Portland in 2005 to work as a chef in a fancy restaurant downtown. He didn't like it and moved on to other restaurant and cooking jobs until he opened Paiche in 2015. He grew up in Lima, Peru and did not attend any kind of formal cooking school. He learned to cook from life in Lima and developed his palette and knowledge of how to combine flavors from working in different cooking jobs. 

Cultural Narrative: 

 Paiche is named after the "beautiful and giant Amazonian fish who grows up to 400 pounds and is playfully considered to be the “King of the Amazon.” Based on a bold and sometimes rebellious spirit “Paiche” became the childhood nickname of Chef Jose Luis de Cossio." 

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