Perfecto's Mexican Food

Perfectos is a Mexican Restaurant located in Tucson, Arizona
Cultural Narrative: 

The owner of Perfecto's Mexican Food and his wife have been working together on this business for the past 33 years. They began by selling tamales in the parking lot of a Safeway near Valencia and Cardinal in Tucson, AZ and in 2009 they were able to open up their own restaurant naming it after Perfecto Leon (the owner).

Perfecto's Mexican Restaurant has a very close relationship with the Native American Commnuniy. Since they started making tamales 33 years ago they have kept in touch with their Native American friends. In December Perfecto's Mexican Restaurant caters the special events that the Tohono and Yaqui's celebrate. Posole and menudo tend to be the most popular dishes during this time of year.

Perfecto Leon (owner) grew up in Nogales, Sonora and every August Perfecto's Mexican Restaurant goes down to Nogales to giveaway backpacks and raffle off bicycles for the children.