Rollies Mexican patio

Located on 12th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, Rollies Mexican Patio provides an authentic Mexican cuisine, and specializes in rolled tacos. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the signature entree.
Cultural Narrative: 

Owner and chef Mateo Otero opened Rollies Mexican Patio on December 27, 2017. The resturaunt gets its name from the chef's specialty in rolled tacos. When asked what his overall mission is, he explained it is to provide something a little different, while still keeping the Mexican cuisine authentic, but with a little twist. The twist being in the sauce. Inspired by his grandfather who was also a chef, Otero knew by the young age of five that he also wanted to become a chef. By the age of 14, Mateo was already earning paychecks from his cooking. He attended culinary school in Scottsdale at the age of 24, and before opening his restaurant, he owned his own catering business for thirteen years.