Salazar's Mexican Cafe

This is a Historypin tour of Salazar's Mexican Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Owners and operators of Salazar's Cafe -- Ida and Albert Salazar. Ida's first husband died, and in the early 1990's married a man named Albert. For the last 25 years, Albert and Ida have run Salazar's Cafe together. The still run the restaurant every day together.

Cultural Narrative: 

Salazar’s Cafe is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is surrounded by a decent sized hispanic environment. Directly across the street from Salazar’s Cafe is a large hispanic market called Rancho Market. Owner/Operator Ida Salazar believes that having such close proximity to this market has been very fortunate for her restaurant and has enjoyed the traffic that flows from market shoppers. Within a few miles of Salazar’s Cafe are several other hispanic restaurants, and the hispanic population in Utah has been on the rise for the last few decades. Ida Salazar is the woman who started this establishment in 1982 with her daughter, and has continued the business with her husband for the last 25 years. Salazar’s Cafe has been a mainstay in Salt Lake City for the last 35 years. Ida says that her most loyal regular customer is her pigeon, Wilma, who comes to the restaurant everyday with her and Albert. Former cooks and employees frequently return to Salazar’s Cafe to visit with Ida and Albert, and to eat some of Albert’s house salsa and Ida’s Chile Rellenos. When they opened, Salazar's Cafe onle had two tables, with seating for four at each. Owner/Operator Ida Salazar said the line out the door every day of their opening week was so overwhelming, that she would go out behind the kitchen and just cry to herself from the demands and the stress of owning and running a restaurant. But things fell into place. They got more tables, hired more help, and the stream of people kept coming, but everything became more manageable. Their most popular menu items are Chile Verde, Tamales, and Chile Rellenos. Salazar's Cafe offers a signature house salsa that patrons can't get enough of. Locals will come just for the salsa. Chile Verde is one of the most popular menu items at Salazar's Cafe. As a young girl, she always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Every delicious dish she ate, she stored it in her memory; how it tasted, how it felt on her tongue, how it looked, the texture of it. She would store these memories in the back of her mind, keeping a mental index of the things she wanted to make in her own restaurant someday. She started making and selling potato chips as a girl, giving her a first taste of creating food for the masses. When Ida was a young girl, she remembers sneaking into the Alamo Bar to eat their Chile Verde. She loved every bite, and made mental notes for how to create it on her own. Once the staff realized she was there alone and underaged, they kicked her out, but Ida says she will never forget how that Chile Verde tasted, and it has become one of the most popular recipes in her own kitchen.

Location Description: 

3325 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT