Taco Burrito Express

Family owned, authentic Mexican food truck in Orem, Utah

Here's the link to a tour I created on Historypin for Taco Burrito Express: 


Cultural Narrative: 

Taco Burrito is a family owned business. Miguel and Maria Bedolla and seven children have all helped in one way or another in the success of the business, but currently only Miguel and Jesus Bedolla and their wives run the business. The business has been in Utah for 27 years beginning in summer of 1992 in Moroni Utah. The original name was Tacos Guanajuato and as business grew the idea of expanding became more clear after serving the Moroni community for 3 years. Miguel then found a location in Orem on State Street, this location was in business for 9 years. In 2004, the restaurant moved to Provo and was in business till 2011.

In 2013 Taco Burrito was born using all the authentic recipes. A location was acquired by the University Mall in Orem, but after three years the decision was made to move strictly to food truck locations, rather than sit-down restaurants. There are currently two trucks running and the family is hoping to expand in the future.

Jesus even shared with me a little about their fan-favorite quesadilla,

"Most popular item will have to be our alpastor tacos the recipe to our sauce is originated from Mexico DF, were the original alpastor taco is from. our second most popular item is our handmade Quesadilla with alpastor it starts by making the corn and flour mix until you get a dough like substance then you hand press it using a Huarachera machine comes out in a long oval shape put it on the grill wait till it is fully cooked add a little oil then smother cheese all over it, add the alpastor and then fold it in half then get ready to be blown away by an authentic Mexican flavor that will leave you wanting more."