Tacos Chalito

This is a Historypin tour of Tacos Cahlito in Ellensburg WA.

Ellensburg, Washington is a city with roughly 19,000 people, many of whom are students of Central Washington University. Tacos Chalito is a local favorite which brings students back to the area again and again long after graduation and relocation to other cities in Washington. Fresh and authentic food is made daily inside the truck and delivered to patrons inside the seating area in the building behind. The restaurant has a tall sign on Main street, making their location pretty visible to those who drive past. Behind the taco truck is an indoor eating area. The area is cozy but has several tables.

Cultural Narrative: 

Established in 1997, the Tacos Chalito food truck was created by the Garcia family. They serve fresh and authentic Mexican food with roots back to Michoacán, Mexico. Their recipes, spices, and sauces have been carried down through the generations. They have established themselves as a part of the Ellensburg community and they are one of the things that keeps bringing people back to town. Even though it started as a food truck in 1997, Tacos Chalito now has an indoor eating area for people who don't want to eat outside or take their food home to enjoy.The menu is full of authentic foods to enjoy all made fresh daily. The food is made from recipes handed down through the family. The enchilada sauce is "Grandma's Recipe." Tacos Chalito has two sauces at the table. One is their mild green sauce, the other is a hot red sauce.

Traditional Knowledge: 

Foodways of Michoacan, Mexico

Location Description: 

South Main Street, Ellensburg, WA