Taqueria Los Chipilones

This is a Historypin tour of Taqueria Los Chipilones in Tucson, AZ

Taqueria Los Chipilones was established the summer of 2018. Located on the corner of 6th Ave and 22nd St, several month old restaurant sits next to its predecessor, Ruiz Hot Dogs Los Chipilones which has been around for about 7 years. Taqueria Los Chipilones, a narrow building with the kitchen located in the enclosed part which also includes a restroom for patrons. The patio has 2 ceiling fans over a few tables with room for about four chairs each. The order window is screen covered and the shelf under the windows include plastic utensils and napkins and condiments. Underneath you will find a large refrigerator that contains salsas and veggies to go with your meal. Their menu wouldn't be complete without Mexican sodas and homemade horchata. Also notice Santa Cruz Catholic Church behind the hot dog stand. Viking Car Wash located at 1120 S. 6th Ave. Get your car washed while you have a hot dog or a bowl of birria! Another family owned business (100% hand wash) right next door to Taqueria Los Chipilones.

Cultural Narrative: 

Beautiful Tucson weather lets you enjoy the items of the menu at Taqueria Los Chipilones. As the ceiling fans lazily spin as needed, you can indulge yourself with the salsa bar and veggies located in the white fridge as you wait for your order to come out. The signature Chipilon taco is a folded handmade tortilla with carne asada and melted cheese. What started off as a taco truck/hot dog stand, that has catered to Tucsonans for more than seven years, Taqueria Los Chipilones has found their new home at their very own restaurant.  The $5 Mexican Breakfast which consists of eggs with your choice of meat, either in a burro or on a plate with beans and papas hash brown - well worth it!  The menu is short and sweet and affordably delicious at Taqueria Los Chipilones. Noticeably absent is the Chipilon hot dog, which can still been enjoyed at the hot dog stand across the parking lot. The new menu includes birria (a type of spicy beef stew), quesadillas and caramelos (folded quesadilla with beans and carne asada) Mexican sodas and homemade horchata. The Ruiz Hot Dogs Los Chipilones stand has been catering to Tucsonans for more than seven years. Their Chipilon is a Mexican hot dog on a toasted bun that is served with or without melted cheese. Ruiz Hot Dogs won the 2010 Arizona Daily Star contest for Tucson's Best Sonoran Hot Dog. The inexpensiveness of the menus lets you enjoy food from both venues which are conveniently located right next to each other - that is if your stomach can handle it! Their birria is delicious, don't forget to add cabbage and cilantro and onions. A little bit of lime is also a must add, great for morning and especially in the coming winter months!

Location Description: 

1122 S 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ