Tres Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

This is a Historypin tour of Tres Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.

The menu that 3 Margaritas offers has a great variety of delicious Mexican dishes. There is something for every palate. From spicy dishes, to vegetarian and low carb. Images of famus Mexican artists such as Cantinflas make part of the decoration.

Cultural Narrative: 

The Morales brothers (Nicolas and Manuel) saved all the could while living in Seattle. They knew they wanted to open a restaurant. After learning to cook and a lot of hard work, the opened their first restaurant "Las Margaritas" which only had 6 tables. Even though they grew to become 15 restaurants, they sold them to their employees and opened a new one in Colorado. The wooden chairs are beautifully carved and painted with Mexican art. After the Morales brothers first opened their 6 table restaurant in Seattle, they were still struggling to make it day to day. Their luck changed when a food critic from the Seattle Times paid them a visit and published a review titled "Las Margaritas, the best Mexican restaurant in the State".
They soon had 15 restaurants and after some time they decided to sell them to their employees and start a new chain in Colorado. The joined their brother Gustavo in business and named their new restaurant "3 Margaritas. Now they own 13 restaurants in the state, some of which are partnerships with their employees under a new name "Margaritas".
After being in the United States for 27 yrs., the brothers moved back to Mexico. Nicolas Morales became the mayor in his hometown Cuatla, Jalisco. He works hard to change the lack of jobs and oportunities that made him cross the border when he was only 17 yrs old.
The restaurants in Colorado are run by different families and remain as traditional family owned bussinesses.
The cuisine style is from Jalisco, Mexico. It is very traditional and brings the flavors of that region to our small community in Monument, Colorado.

Location Description: 

1749 Lakewoodmoor Drive, Monumnet, CO