Celia Corral


Celia Galindo was born October 11th, 1915 in Juarez, Mexico. Celia’s grandmother took her across the Juarez border to El Paso with the last name of Hernandez. According to Norma Corral, Celia’s daughter, Celia was stolen from her Mother, Nicolasa Ramirez, and taken to the states. Her true last name is Galindo. This name switch caused issues later when Celia was trying to get naturalized as a U.S. Citizen. She was legally crossed as Hernandez, but there was no record of her true name of Galindo. When you search records in databases such as Ancestry.com you wil find records under Celia Hernandez Corral and Celia Galindo Corral. It is believed Celia was naturalized in 1953. Celia’s Mother’s name is Nicolasa Ramirez. Her Father’s Name is Jose Galindo, both from Mexico. Celia had two brothers, Ruben (b1917) and Daniel (b1922) and a Sister Josefina (b1920) who were all born in the United States. Celia’s brother, Danny, became a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. Nicolasa is buried in the same cemetery as Celia and Rosalio.

Jose Galindo had a truck that he would drive in Texas and in California. He would drive farm workers to sites. At an early age, Celia worked in the fields alongside these workers in El Paso, Texas.

At age 14 Celia worked, not as a farm worker like her brothers, instead in a Jewish family’s home. There was, at this time, significant Jewish communities in El Paso. She was taught the proper Jewish protocols of kosher food preparation and other customs. They also taught Celia how to clean. She was not allowed to touch the dishes for Seder or Hannukah, but she could tend to the other daily dishes. This knowledge she gained helped her later when she and Rosalio moved to California in the early stage of their marriage.

Celia passed away on July, 11, 1997.

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