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The Latino Digital Archive Group seeks to establish a national forum to explore the establishment of a Latino digital archive that would have as its goal the digital preservation of all aspects of U.S. Latino history. The Latino Digital Archive Group is a project of Community Partners. The Latino Digital Archive Group (LDAG) meets periodically in person, on numerous conference calls, and via web conferencing. We have also held focus group discussions at national and regional meetings. The focus groups revealed strong support and a perceived need to preserve Latino archives in a digital format. We have conducted informal surveys of Latino archives. We have also followed the activities and discussions of selected major initiatives focused on developing national digital archives and have attended some meetings. We have begun to survey the scope, methods, and standards being utilized by national efforts. Preserving History: The Establishment of a National Latino Digital Archive project consists of two components: Facilitating heritage fairs that will provide learning opportunities, hands-on use of technology, and the preservation of digital artifacts in a database Bringing in information professionals and representatives of state and national digital initiatives to lend their expertise by teaching concepts related to digital technology

  • LDAG Principles Places the Latino community at the center of learning activities;
  • Affirms the library as the anchor of the community by helping the community document and preserve its own history; and Promotes the use of technology to preserve, document and make accessible that history.

LDAG Members

  • Kathryn Blackmer Reyes, Martin Luther King Jr. Library, San Jose State University
  • Lillian Castillo-Speed, Ethnic Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley
  • Richard Chabran, Chicano Studies California State University, Los Angeles & School of Information, University of Arizona
  • Lizette Guerra, California Institution for Men, Chino Romelia Salinas, University Library, California State University, Los Angeles

The Latino Digital Archive Group is a project of Community Partners.

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