Old Pueblo Restaurant

This is a historypin tour of Old Pueblo Restaurant in Florence, AZ. Located in Historic Florence, right off of Main Street, Old Pueblo has been a staple in the community for the the last 31 years.
Cultural Narrative: 

This narrative was created by Gloria D. Moreno as part of the original 2017 historypin tour:

Margie Celaya and Michael Ann McIntyre were registered nurses and friends working for the Florence Hospital and then behavioral health services. Margie an OB nurse and Michael Ann an ER nurse. One day they both decided to try something new and went into business together. In November of 1985, they bought the place that would soon become Old Pueblo. While enjoying the view from within the restaurant, this sign caught my eye. Tu Casa, "Your House", this is the feeling you get from the second you walk in. Margie and Michael Ann, have created a great atmosphere within these walls.

Except for Mondays, you can enjoy Old Pueblo cuisine, Tuesday - Sunday. Sunday being the favorite hot spot time for close family and friends. When interviewing Megan Cetta, a close connection relative, her family is related to one of the owners husbands. She says that growing up every Sunday after church, the family, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it would gather at Old Pueblo. It is one of her favorite childhood memories, everyone running around the esablishment, meeting up for food and making memories. If you're looking for a nice, cozy lunch or dinner outside during the wonderful Arizona winter months, this is one of two spots outside where you can enjoy the beautiful evenings.

Location Description: 

S. Main St., Florence, AZ 85132